Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 13

It's been a busy few days, so we haven't been able to post. Jon has already been up and going this morning, and started PT at 8am. Had another good session, this time spending most of his time on the mat, working on his core and trunk and working to keep his body straight. His therapist gets on him when he starts to slouch, so that's good. They don't let him get away with much!

Yesterday was a good day. I spent Tuesday night at home with the kids, so I could take them to the last day of school. Jon's mom came up and stayed with him while I was gone, and she said he worked very hard! During PT, he was up on the bars the whole time, just working on strengthening both of his legs. It's hard, but he hangs in there and gives it his all. I brought the kids up in the afternoon, just as he was finishing up his PT, and they were able to see him stand at the bars. That is the first time they have seen him stand since his stroke, so they were excited to see that.

Speech therapy is going much better. He's beginning to enjoy it a bit more. Yesterday they worked on speaking exercises and some cognitive therapy. Jon and his mom beat the group at Jeopardy - which comes as no surprise to me. I'm glad I was just there for dominoes!

He has more OT, recreational therapy and speech therapy today, and I'm supposed to be giving him homework for those, so we'll try to squeeze some of that in before we go back.

Jon was able to see some more wonderful friends yesterday, and as always it means so much that they make the trip up to see him. He visited with some he hadn't seen since the early days of the stroke, and they said the difference they see in him now compared to then is amazing. And we can't tell you how encouraging those words are, both to him and to me. Sometimes it's hard for us to see the subtle changes, because we are so close to it everyday, but when we are able to hear it from someone who hasn't seen him in a few days, it's very encouraging!!

I picked Brooke up from Pirtle on Wed., and couldn't believe the outpouring of support I received when I walked in to get her. From former teachers of Jacobs to the principal and other teachers and friends, and it was very overwhelming and touching. So thank you all!

We are headed into the weekend soon, which is a difficult time for both of us. We get a break from therapy, which is good so he can rest, but it also feels like just wasted time in a sense. We just have to sit around during the day, but I'm going to see if they would let me roll him outside for a little while (early in the morning before the 100 degree temps hit) and get some fresh air!

Thank you all for your continued love and support of us, we definitely still need it. It's still a long road ahead, but we have to remain hopeful that he will get back on his feet, and we know God is here carrying us through this, and we are taking much strength from that!

The cards keep coming in, and his room is almost overflowing! So thank you all for your continued support.

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  1. Hi Brenda: Thanks so much for keeping this blog up to date. I check it a few times a day even though I know you only update it once a day. I like to look at the comments to see who is checking in on y'all. Prayers are flowing for your strength and health and for the's hard when a kid's schedule is messed up. I understand how difficult it can be when daddy is sick.

    Jon: Mark and I had talked about coming down to see y'all at school, but his bout with pneumonia and sepsis kind of knocked us down a bit....then Angie's wedding. So, we'll still come down at some point and if you are still at rehab, we'll just make a stop there, too.

    I read the blog to Mark as he is so interested in your progress; He sends his best to you. I, too, am so proud of you. I know you are working your fanny off; I wouldn't expect anything less! I love you for your strength and stamina and I pray daily for you.

    Smile for the day: First, I'm not surprised you beat everyone at Jeopardy.....especially if there was a catagory of "old movies." Remember when you showed me the website to visit to check on old movie titles, actors, etc? International movie data base or something like that? Well, you were standing behind me and I typed in what I thought you said and up popped an X-rated something or other!!!! Oops! My fingers couldn't find the delet button fast enough! You said, "Ellen, what did you do?" hahaha.

    Anyway, Jon.....commenting on this blog is like visiting with you. Hang in there, sweetie.

    Love to all of you,