Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 17

Monday has rolled around again, and it was back to therapy, which is a good thing! I never thought I would ever say I was glad to see Sunday disappear and Monday come, but with no therapy, Sundays are just too long!

We had another good day, not as earth shattering as Saturday, but still a good day. Any day he can get up and move around is a good day. We had the same routine today, PT, OT, speech and recreational therapy.

Jon was able to do some pretty good stretching today in both PT and OT, and he needs it. There is always concern his muscles will tighten up too much, so today it was good for them to stretch him out and move those limbs around.

Speech therapy continues to go well, and today he worked on being able to project his voice and change his pitch. He started making sounds with as low a voice as possible, going up to as high as he could. Then he reversed it, starting out high and going low. And that was when I had to excuse myself before I got kicked out of speech therapy. His "low" sounds just reminded me too much of Homer Simpson (ahgggg - donuts), and I couldn't stop laughing. So I politely excused myself so I could laugh in the hallway!

Dinner was a glorious PB&J sandwich! I don't think he's had that since middle school, so needless to say he got seconds on his soup.

Many of the "residents" around here have taken quite a liking to Jon, especially some of the little old ladies! And it's so cute to see them talk to him and ask about him and cheer him on. It's nice to know he has the same impact on people no matter where he goes! He's always one of the favorites (and yes, we can credit his parents and a good upbringing for that!).

We had more great visits from friends today, which always cheers Jon up. I'm spending the night tonight then it's off to work tomorrow! I'm glad I have a job to go to, but I have to admit I would much rather hang out here and watch Jon work hard. But I'll be back tomorrow night.

For those asking about the kids, they are doing well. They are such troopers, we are just more and more proud of them each day. They are spending the week with their grandparents in Round Rock, while I stay here a bit more with Jon. Next week we will try to get them back into their summer routine and bring back a bit of normalcy! But they are enjoying themselves now, they get to play with their cousins all week, so that has been good for them.

As always, thanks for the support and prayers. We will try to post again tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Jon:

    What? You don't like PB&J? What is up with that......that doesn't even sound American!!! :)

    So glad you are reaping the benefits of your hard work and I know you will continue to do your best during your PT sessions.

    Smile for the day: This is the story of how mark "pranked" me 36 years ago and I'm still trying to figure out what to do to get him back. He had asked me to marry him over the phone and he asked what size ring I wore. I told him I didn't need an engagement ring....just a wedding band. Well, he flew from Temple to Chicago and I met him at O'Hare Airport. He got off the plane and said he had to use the restroom. When he came out he said he had something for me. He took a ring and tried to put it on my finger. It was so small it barely made it past the first knuckle. I said, "It's too small." He said, "Well, give me the S.O.B. and I buy you another one." Upon that he threw the ring down the corridor with dozens and dozens of people walking back and forth. I saw it sliding on the floor and bounce into a wall and then lost sight of it. I yelled, "No! Wait! We can have it made bigger!" With my mind racing I'm thinking either he's nuts or really, really rich! Then he took the real ring and put it on my finger. He confessed that he went to the dime store and bought the smallest fake diamond ring he could find and when he went into the restroom he took the real ring, put it on his little finger and had the fake ring ready. Anyway, hope this makes you smile a bit.

    Love and prayers always,
    Ellen & Mark