Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

We haven't posted in a while, because it's been such a hectic weekend. But we hope everyone out there had a good Father's Day! Ours wasn't ideal - spending it in the hospital (the first of three special occasions before Jon gets to go home), but I think Jon had a nice day. Both of our dads were able to come up, so we got to spend a nice day with all of the men in the family!

We haven't updated since Thursday, and Jon has been doing well since then. He walked more on Friday, and even some on Saturday. He's getting used to his cane (even though the therapist won't let him have one to take back to his room - for some reason she doesn't seem to trust him - go figure!). But he seems to think he can talk her into it this week.

Jon had a good day in all of his therapy sessions Friday. He was finally able to put in his contacts, which was a big deal for him. For those who haven't heard the story (which can't be many of you ), he had them on when we he had his stroke and we tried to take them out in the ICU the night of his stroke, and at that point he had lost all movement in his left arm, so getting his left contact out was a chore. It took a brave nurse to go in after it! So he's been leery about putting them back in. But the occupational therapist worked with him on how to put them in with little or no help, and he's done great!

He also learned how to tie his shoes one handed! We're excited that he learned something new, but we're also looking ahead and are hopeful he will soon be able to use both hands for that type of thing. Sometimes it can be a bit depressing learning how to compensate for having the use of only one arm, but we keep telling ourselves it's only temporary, and as long as he keeps working hard, he won't have to do it that way much longer. But for now, he does like being able to do more things like that for himself. So it's a good thing!

During speech therapy, Jon did some actual work and typed up a press release that he needed to do for work, so he was able to combine some therapy with some actual work! And of course that made him feel great, that he's able to accomplish some things even while he's recuperating. And I think speech therapy is doing wonders for him. You could not tell by looking at him that he's had a stroke. All of the facial weakness has disappeared and I think his speech is back where it was, and his pitch and intonation are great! And up until the end of last week, his voluntary facial movements - forced smiles, raising his eyebrows, puckering his lips - were all one sided. His left side didn't move as much. But now, at least I think, he really has complete control of all of those involuntary movements, so both sides of his face move. So I think that's huge progress!

The kids came up Saturday and were able to watch him walk with his cane for the first time, and they were sooooo excited! They were just grinning from ear to ear. His gait is getting better, and he is getting closer to a more normal step with his left leg, instead of what he calls his "Frankenstein" step! And he set a new record for walking - walking 282 feet! And my new nickname for him is Rainman, because they keep asking him to guess how far he's walked, and he always gets it within a foot or two! Next thing you know he'll be counting toothpicks on the floor!

Today for Father's Day we had a rotating door much of the day, which is how he likes it. Jacob left for a week-long church camp and the youth stopped by to see Jon on their way out of town, and I know that meant the world to him. So we truly do appreciate the visits, the cards and the support.

I'm at home tonight and going back to Waco tomorrow night, so we will post again on Tuesday.


  1. Hi Jon and Brenda:
    Writing from Los you know my brother is not doing well. Right now he's holding his own.

    I am so very proud of you for your hard work. Mark and I have been planning a trip for some time now and we probably will get down to Belton in July. I'll check with Brenda to see if you are still in rehab. We are going to visit some old friends, go to UMHB, and then hope to see you. We'll let you know. We have always planned to come but something always stopped us. Anyway, we wanted to come before school starts up.

    I'll check in on you again. Prayers still flow every day. God bless.


  2. Yay for contacts! (But I still think Jon would look sharp in glasses. Not the old ones, obviously, but a new pair...) :)


  3. Hope all is still going well. One of these days, we'll manage to get up there again and visit!! Keep plugging away, Jon, and we'll keep praying and cheering you on.


  4. Thanks for posting the blog. I want you to know I am still reading and praying.
    Christie Bledsoe