Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 24

Jon had another busy Monday, which is just how he likes them! He started bright and early again with PT at 8am, after spending part of the night without air conditioning. So he's definitely had better nights.

He was back on the walker today in PT, and walked 62 feet, rested and walked 61 feet. He also used the stationary bike for the first time, but after a few times of his foot falling off, they used an ace bandage to keep it tied to the bike. He's doing well, but I think he's getting a bit "cocky" about getting out of his chair! So all of those who come to see him remind him that he's supposed to stay in his chair!!!! I don't want to have to make them put the alarm on his chair and bed that goes off when he gets up!!

His therapist today was pleased with his progress. She spent the weekend in Vegas, and she put her money on 16 on the roulette wheel - since that was the first distance he walked - and she won! So we take that as a good sign that he's meant to get back up (even though we know most people don't condone gambling - but who are we to complain).

He spent more time on the mat in OT and is working hard on getting more movement back in his arm. He's now able to close his fingers a bit more. The therapist asked him to squeeze her hand, which he did, but still has a hard time opening his fingers back up again. In his words, he can hold someone's hand, but can't let go! But that will come.

In speech, he was able to actually work on some work-related projects, typing sports stories - similar to what he would do in his job. That's great progress too. So Coach Shipp and Dr. O'Rear will be happy to know he's getting some on the job training!

He was getting a bit tired of his regular soup and turkey sandwich for dinner, so we brought in some Chinese food for him - just had to sneak it past the nurses!

We just finished watching some video messages from our friends at church, which were great to watch. So thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes via DVD. We appreciate the encouragement and support!

Jon is making very good progress and is feeling much better about the accomplishments he's made. Every day he's ready to make even more. So thank you again for the continued support.


  1. Okay Mr. Cocky...sounds as though I might have to come down there!!! Sure is good to hear that you are doing so well. I love the fact that you are going all out on your PT. I'm impressed with the distance you've walked so far. I'm sure tomorrow you'll walk 75 feet at a time.

    Smile for the day: Remember when you used to leave pennies in my office and how we got a little over zealous with giving them back and forth? It was always so cold in your office that you kept a jacket over the back of your chair. Remember one day when you reached to take your jacket and about 100 pennies spilled out from the arms? Hahahaha. I think that's one of the few times I got you. You said that Dr. Bawcom or Coach Shipp was in your office when it happened, but I think you were fibbing. Anyway, I remember the pennies with fondness.

    Brenda: Keep on keepin' on and before you know it, y'all will be together at home just like it's supposed to be.

    Love and prayers,