Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 15

All I can say is THANK YOU GOD!!! He is definitely listening and definitely sending such tremendous strength to Jon.

Jon has had a wonderful day! He wasn't supposed to have therapy today, but we talked about it enough that they put him into the schedule, and he has made tremendous strides! He moved his arm today for the first time since the stroke! You can't imagine the absolute joy we felt when we saw that. He is able to lay on his back, with his left arm straight out to his side, and move it up at the elbow, and he even moved his fingers too! It was just an awesome sight! This is one of the best days of my life, hands down!

Since his stroke, all of us have shed multiple tears -tears of pain, frustration, anger and grief. And today the tears were flowing again - tears of joy!! Jon's dad was there to watch him too, and it was an emotional sight for all of us! He worked so hard, and you could see the determination on his face, and it payed off.

He also took some more tentative steps this morning in PT, with the therapist holding his knee so it didn't buckle. But that means he's able to put more and more weight on his left leg and hip, and using them to move him along!

I think today has done wonders for Jon's spirits! And we share all of the joys of today with all of you. Each and every one of you have offered your support, prayers and encouragement and it had all helped Jon stay positive and supported. So thank you all again, and keep those vibes going!

I will post again on Monday and hopefully we can have even more wonderful news to share.


  1. Way to work Jon. Glad to see all that hard work paying off. Thanks for the updates Brenda!


  2. Jon:
    It's hard to type when you have tears in your eyes, right? What an enormous blessing to have your dad there, Jon. He probably couldn't have been more proud of you today.....wonderful, wonderful news! Can't even express in words the joy I am feeling right now. There is no stopping you now!

    Thanks so much for sharing the joy with all of us. Prayers of thanksgiving are on the agenda this evening

    No smile for the day today.....nothing beats the smiles I know that are on your faces today.

    God bless all of you.


  3. Jon and Brenda,
    Such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you! Keep the faith Jon Boy! I love both of you and continue to pray for you daily....


  4. Praise God! What wonderful news! Just got word of your blog from my God mother Carol Ann Pimpler in Temple. I guess her sister, Gloria, worked with Jon? - small world! So happy we now have a way to get updates on your progress and of this great news! I got Russ & I all caught up in one sitting while he was driving- what an emotional roller coaster just reading it - can't imagine living it. Jon, saw your Mom and kids in church yesterday - we are all praying for you - and will continue to do so. Much love, keep that positive attitude and let God wrap his loving arms around you and help carry you through this trial.

    Cheree & Russ Peterson