Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Weeks Later

It's been two weeks since the stroke, and while Jon still has no significant movement on his left side, we are making gradual progress. Some days in therapy are better than others, but at least he's up and moving and working both his weak and his strong side.

Saturdays and Sundays are days off from therapy, and we are not looking forward to that. So Jon says he wants to go to the gym anyway just so he can work on some things on his own! I think that's terrific.

He's added recreational therapy to his schedule, which is more play than work, but it's a nice break from some of the other activities he is doing. Today, we had more Wii bowling to look forward to, and Jon was adamant I include his score today, since I did publish his whopping 73 score from the first round. He played two rounds against the rec therapist and broke 100 the first time, with a score of 101! And the second time, brace yourselves, beat her with a score of 152!! I think he actually had some fun that time, and we are going to back to the gym tomorrow to play some more on the Wii.

Speech therapy went well again yesterday, and she spends about 30 minutes doing e-stim on his face to try to shock the nerves and get them pulling the way they should again. She had him doing tongue twisters and reading words that are challenging for him, including those with an s or sh sound. And for you Seinfeld fans out there, we had to stop when the word "shrinkage" came up, because he couldn't stop laughing, which made me and the therapist laugh (but I was in the pool!!). So that one set us back a few minutes. And in Jon's words, having a stroke has been a life-changing event, but hasn't matured him any!!!

He's getting back into the swing of normal life during his "off" time as well. He's been doing some puzzles that his speech therapist recommended for him, and actually wrote some thank you notes and paid some bills. So it's good for him to get back into somewhat of a normal routine.

I've been doing this blog for about a week now, and haven't let Jon read my posts. He keeps asking me what I'm writing, and I just tell him "stuff", mainly just to drive him crazy, and I have to admit I believe it works. I have asked him on occasion what he wants me to add, but mainly I just write on my own and put down whatever I can that I know his friends will give him a hard time about. Like his new favorite joke - "More women have seen me naked in the last 5 days than in my whole life!" He'll love me for that one!!

But today he did read all the posts and all of the comments for the first time. Most of the time I read him the comments and part of my posts, but he was able to get the whole story today, and has been very touched by everyone's thoughts, encouragement and prayers. So as always, Thank You!!


  1. Brenda, I LOVE today's post!! It made me laugh and sounds like Jon is really doing well.....back to his old self! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm still praying daily and always looking forward to the next post.

    Keep up the hard work Jon!


  2. Hi Brenda:
    Trying to drive your husband crazy, huh? Makes me smile that you can maybe pull one over on Jon. It can't be easy because his mind is so you probably have to really plan to get him. I have to do the same with Mark. I'm still trying to get Mark back for something he pulled on me 36 years ago. I may tell that story as one of my "smiles for the day."

    So glad that you are working so hard and that you are keeping your spirits up. You are like me: I may grow old, but I'll never grow up. That's another thing I love about you. Keep up the good work and it won't be long and you'll see bigger results.

    Smile for the day: Way to go with the bowling! Funny that you are doing bowling because I always thought that it would be easy to do the Wii bowling. It's not so easy. Believe it or not I pulled my hamstring just by stepping foward one step, bending down and swinging my arm toward the TV. What a wuss I am! Think I need to work out more?

    Prayers are flowing like a river of love and will continue. Hang tough.


  3. Delightful blog today, Brenda! I know this is all very tough on all of you, but finding humor in the midst of it is so critical to healing! I can't imagine Jon approaching it in any other way! And I agree with Jon and Ellen....why grow up? ha! (Yes, that is one of the best Seinfeld's ever!)

    Jon, I continue to pray for your complete healing! I know you are doing your part in every way possible. I pray for His grace and His healing power to fill you daily.