Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 35

The countdown is on! One week from tomorrow (Friday), we'll be headed back home. It's actually hard to believe we'll be back together all under one roof. It hasn't been that long since we've been together, but sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago!

Jon had another busy day today. I think they are determined to work him as hard as they can in the short time they have left. In PT, we worked on getting in and out of the van, which went better than we thought.

I had to leave right after PT to get to work today, so I missed out on all the afternoon therapies. But Jon said it all went well. He started today on his extra 30 minutes of PT. They cut speech therapy short and added that extra 30 to physical therapy, which is great. So by dinner time, he was definitely worn out!

He was able to make it to breakfast this morning using just his cane. And what a treat to be able to leave the wheelchair in the room. But for lunch and dinner, he was feeling the fatigue and resorted back to the chair, which is good. I'm actually impressed that he recognizes when he's tired and doesn't push himself too hard.

It's been a pretty exhausting week for both of us, but it makes it easier knowing we'll soon be home. I know it won''t be easy once we get there, but at least we will be more comfortable.

We have received the loveliest cards and well wishes this week, and you all can't imagine how much they mean to us. They seem to come when I'm having my low moments, and they make all the difference. So thank you all again for your support.


  1. What fantastic news. Sounds like a great birthday present to me. :)

  2. Great news about your release date....sort of feels like a parole from prison or something. I understand that even though you want to go home, there probably is a little anxiety to go with it. When I was in the hospital for 35 days and my doctor told me he was finally releasing me, I cried. I told him I was SO glad to be going home, but that I was also SO scared because my security blanket would be taken away. It turned out to be fine and I know you'll be fine, too. The best thing in the whole world was coming home and getting into my own bed with my own pillow. Hospital pillows are usually lousy. I used 6 of them...two for my head, one under my knees and one under each arm.

    I'm also so glad that you know when to take it easy. We folks born under the sign of Cancer are usually good at caregiving and doing for others. Our problem, sometime, is doing too much and that isn't healthy. So,remember that "Rome wasn't built in a day" and "you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd," or something like that! :)

    What a wonderful birthday present it will be for you.....or just a few days after.

    God bless all of you