Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 10

I was going to be lazy and take the night off and post tomorrow, but Jon kept asking me when I was going to update the blog, so I thought I better get on it.

He had another busy day that really wore him out. We started in PT, where they had him standing up at the parallel bars, with assistance from the therapists (we have to share that one of his therapists today was a student from Hardin-Simmons, but he took good care of him!). They had him standing up to put weight on his bad leg, and even though he can't move it, it's good to have some weight on it. Also, with a lot of help from the therapists, he took some tentative steps. They had to brace his left leg and move it for him, but he was able to shift weight from one side to the other, so as always it's good for him to work those muscles. It was great to see him up!

We then moved on to occupational therapy, which was much less exciting since we played dominoes for 45 minutes. They keep telling me that since he cannot move his arm, it's about him reaching across his body then using his side muscles and core to pull himself back up again. As always, it's just good for the muscles in his arm to get some kind of attention. After losing about 6 games of dominoes, I decided I had had enough, so that was it for the day.

Speech therapy came in the afternoon, and it's by far his least favorite. The therapist is great, it's just a difficult session for him, because he has a "blind spot" to his left, so he has a hard time turning his head all the way to the left to see. And of course that is what she had him working on during the sessions - games where he had to pay strict attention to detail and try to find things that were to his left. We also found out today that he can request an additional 30 minutes of therapy each day. So he asked the doctor if he could, and she arranged it, so he now has 3.5 hours each day. I know that will really wear him out, but he is so determined that he would rather be doing just about anything than sitting in the room.

We had more visitors today, which is always a treat both for him and for me. And I think he's getting his appetite back. I've had to go to Wendy's two days now to get him chili and unsweet tea! And Darla Kirby brought him a gallon of tea today (thanks Darla), which should last him about a day and a half!

Jon has made some new friends up here, and they are very encouraging! I know it's tough for him to be one of the only younger people up here, so it's nice for him to have support amongst his peers here as well.

And as always, thank you for the support, prayers, cards and well wishes. We couldn't do this without you!


  1. Well,Jon,evidently you passed the swallow test seeing as you can have chili. Good for you. And good that you are working so hard and are so determined. I am proud of you and I know Brenda and the kids are proud of you, too.

    Just checking in to let you know that I pray for you many times throughout each day and will continue to do so.

    I'll check in on you tomorrow.


  2. Brenda, I'm so thankful that you have set up this blog, I can keep up with Jon on a daily basis and I know exactly how I need to pray daily for both of you. Keep up the hard work Jon and remember, one day at a time! Your doing awesome! However, you need to let Brenda win in dominos every now and then! :)


  3. Brenda,
    I can't believe you actually let Jon win 6 times at Dominos!!! We love you guys!

  4. Brenda: Your entire family continues to be in my prayers. I am amazed and inspired by your strength and courage! May God's grace continue to shine in you!

    In Christ,


  5. Hey Jon,
    Thanks for staying after Brenda and encouraging her to update the blog. It is such a blessing to be able to keep up with you and all your progress. Seriously Brenda, thank you for all your efforts in keeping us updated through this blog. Now Jon, about that Speech Therapist...if she irritates you, you can show her how y'all used to count down before going on the air at channel 25. Another thing to watch for...if someone loses 6 games of dominos, there is a possibility that person might try to bend or stretch certain rules. Remember Brenda, a domino laid is a domino played. Jon, it is no surprise that you requested additional time for therapy...keep up the great work! Good thoughts and strong prayers are always headed towards you and your family. God Bless!!
    Mickey Kerr

  6. Jon & Brenda:
    A day has not gone by that we have not been thinking and praying for you. We have been keeping up with your progress through Mom, Dad and Grandma. Brenda....thank you so much for this blog, helps with the update. Jon....Mark said he would come play a game of 42 with you!! Keep up the good work in therapy...we will see you soon. Love you, Mark, Vickie and Matt