Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 8 of Recovery

We've now made it past the week mark. Day 8 in the hospital, and we're already seeing some slight progress. Even though it's the weekend, they had Jon up early and in the PT room for 3 hours of therapy. Although they did let him sleep in a bit - we didn't have to wake up until 6:30! I felt like I was on vacation there for a bit.

Yesterday was full of ups and downs, mainly some downs, but we know we will have those days. But today started out well. Jon was wonderful during physical therapy and showed some great stamina. They had him stand up today - with a little assistance from some cool technology! And for physical fitness, they had him standing and playing the Wii. In his words, he was able to get back on the video game horse (for those who don't know, he was playing a video game with Jacob when the stroke hit, so he was a bit gun shy). He bowled on the Wii and had an impressive 73! And no one is allowed to make fun of his bowling skills! His height has been a challenge for the nurses and the therapists, so some of the equipment doesn't fit him quite like it does others, and his range of motion for bowling was not perfect. But with the help of a harness holding him up, he was able to put some weight on his left leg, and while it wouldn't hold him up, it's good to get those muscles working.

He showed some additional strength in his left leg, being able to push back against the therapist. He can't move his leg, but when she holds it up for him, he is able to push it back against her, which I think is pretty good. We then moved to occupational therapy, which is mainly upper body work, and we didn't see much change in his arm or shoulder, but they did tell us the arm would be the lat thing to come back, specifically his fingers. So at least we know that going in. So they mainly did stretching and range of motion exercises.

So all in all, he had a good morning, and was a bit more encouraged than he has been. He will be here for a while longer, he's looking at several weeks in this facility, but that is okay. He needs to be in a place where they challenge and push him constantly.

Those who know Jon well will not be surprised that he's pushing himself as hard as the therapists are, and sometimes even harder. They have had to tell him it's okay to rest, okay to take some time for a quick nap or some down time. I think he wants to stay up and keep going as much as he can, which is good, but with all the work he's doing, he still needs a bit of recharge time.

He has received sooooo many cards, and it means the world to him. He read them to the kids last night and got choked up at all of the wonderful sentiments. So know that the support means so much to him, and to me.

I was at home part of the day yesterday to watch Brooke's awards ceremony and get Jacob home from school. I was on the phone with the insurance company when I realized someone was in the backyard. I looked out and saw Randy Mann, Aaron Rodeffer and Brad Bankhead mowing the lawn! What a wonderful site! It is just such a blessing to have friends and family who just chip and get things done.

Tomorrow is a day off, which means he can sleep in even more, and can even have breakfast in his room! What a treat! Now all we can hope for is that it's a good breakfast!

I'm headed home tonight to spend some time with the kids. This has been hard on them too, so we're going to have a family night at home, sleep in and then come back tomorrow afternoon. They can spend the afternoon with their dad, at least if we can keep them from trying to kill each other! It's hard to keep two kids entertained in a tiny little room with chairs for only two people. I think they mainly just want to play in the wheelchair!

I probably won't update again until Monday, since he gets the day off tomorrow. But again, thank you all for everything. I hope this blog is helpful in keeping you up to date, and I know Jon likes it. He will tell me either to make sure I put something in the blog, or tell me "make sure you don't put that in the blog!" Please keep the prayers and support coming, and have a safe holiday weekend.


  1. Wow! I am so impressed by the hard work you are doing, Jon. Those therapists gotta be good to keep up with you!! I was picturing you with a 5-ft.,100 lb. woman trying to keep up with you.

    My brother still cannot walk....he was even too sick for therapy although he did have to pass the "swallow" test to be able to get regular food. He was tired of oatmeal and broth. Hope your diet is better by now.

    This blog is so wonderful and commenting makes me feel like I am checking in on you.

    Mark sends his best and we both are praying for you, Brenda and the kids.


  2. Thank you for setting up this blog. I don't check every day, but do want to keep up on Jon's progress!

    I'm sure this is hard on everyone, and will continue to pray for complete recovery!