Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another long and productive day

We haven't posted in a while, but Jon has still been busy these last few days. He's had two days of therapy so far this week, and they have been working him hard.

Both days in PT, they have had him on the stair stepper, which he has not done before. He's done one machine where he sits and the motion is more back and forth. But on this one, he had to stand up and take actual steps, which I know wore him out. But he did it! It's still hard for him to completely bend his left knee, but when forced, the knee can bend. He has also been walking more and more without his cane (hopefully only at home and therapy and not at work!). I think his gait has improved significantly. And people we saw this week who we haven't seen in days or weeks even comment on how his walking is getting better and better.

OT has been tough, but he's definitely been making progress. Each day this week he's done something he has not been able to do before. He can hold his arm up a bit more than he could, he actually had some movement in his wrist, and has had more strength in his hand and was able to hang on to cones, which he couldn't do. So I think he's made some great strides this week!

Jon also had an appointment with the hematologist this week, to see if there was something that showed up in his blood work that might indicate a reason for his stroke. So the good news is they did not find anything. Of course that means we still don't know what caused it, but we are both relieved that they didn't find anything that worried them.

Overall I think things are going pretty well. Again our friends at UMHB have been great about taking Jon to work and bringing him home. And our friends at church have been terrific. For two weeks, we've had wonderful people who have picked Jon up at the house and bring him to S&W for his therapy. That has been a tremendous help! It's tough for all of us to juggle working, kids, therapy and extracurricular activities, but with the help of some wonderful friends, we're getting through it just fine.

So thank you again to all who continue to help and offer support. After two months, we still need it!

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  1. Oh, man...the stair stepper. That has to be the worst machine ever. Talk about get your heart rate up. It is hard and I'm sure you are very tired after using it.

    So proud that you are walking better and can leave your cane parked while you walk at home. Good for you, Jon.

    It's exciting to hear that your OT is going well, too.

    Sorry you still don't know what caused the problem. It maybe was just one of those freakish explanation. So glad that you are still with us, though....what a blessing.

    Mark and I continue to pray for your recovery. God bless you and your family.