Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We're still here

First we have to apologize for not keeping the blog updated. Now that we are in somewhat of a daily routine, it's hard to remember that we need to keep everyone updated on how Jon is doing! Jon has done quite a bit since we last posted and has made even more progress.

Jon has been going strong in therapy still and is really doing well, especially in PT. Last week they gave him the green light to walk some at home without his cane, and this week they told him he could walk around some at work without it, just not long distances. So that's good news. I think he's doing very well with his walking. His gait is improving, with and without his cane, and they have been working hard on strengthening his left leg and helping him bend his knee more. This week he has been on the treadmill, which I know is much more difficult than it looks. Luckily his therapist stands behind him in case he decides to slide off the back! Luckily, we haven't seen that yet. Although I'm sure I could get us on America's Funniest Home Videos if he did!

Today she had him doing lunges, which are hard enough when you have two strong legs! I had not seen him do those yet, and I thought he did an awesome job. He could lunge with his left leg and hold himself in that position, most of the time without holding onto the rail. I thought that was very impressive.

I know he's still frustrated because the arm still has a long way to go, but I can tell he's making progress in OT. Each time he goes, they have him lay on his back, and hold his left arm up. The first few times we tried that, he couldn't hold it up. Now he can hold it up some, and each time, it seems like he can hold it longer and longer. The focus right now is on his shoulder. If he can gain some additional strength in his shoulder, that will help everything else. And I see some progress there as well.

Around the house we are really seeing some small signs that he's coming along. He was able to use his left hand to turn on a light and hold on to the laundry basket. These sound like such small things, but for us, those are huge milestones that are very encouraging. He's supposed to be using his left arm more and more, even if he can't actually do much with it, he's trying to do more and more with it. And one day, it will kick in!

Jon saw his primary care doctor this week, and it wasn't very illuminating. As usual, they still can't figure out what happened, but overall his doctor is very encouraged by his progress. He has one more MRI to look forward to in a few months, so that is our last ditch effort to see if we could find something. Jon hates those MRIs, so he's definitely not looking forward to it.

Overall things are going fine with the family. The kids are starting their activities again, so it's going to get even more hectic, but that's what life with kids is like.

We appreciate everyone continuing to ask about Jon and his progress, and the encouragement we still receive on a daily basis. Thanks for hanging in there with us!

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  1. So glad you are "still here." I missed seeing how everyone is doing. I know it's hard to keep up the blog because y'all are going in all different directions. It is good to here from you.

    Jon, you keep up the good work and before you know it that left hand will be flying over the typewriter keys!

    Mark and I send our love and prayer to all of you.