Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sorry for the delay

Just realized it had been almost a week since we had posted and I thought I'd better update everyone. This is Jon posting again as Brenda and the kids hit Great Wolf Lodge this weekend for an abbreviated version of summer vacation. We had planned to take a bigger trip this summer, but for some reason just didn't get it done. I am so glad they get a chance to spend some time away, they've definitely earned it! Would have loved to go with them, but I still don't think water activities are my best option right now.

So, I am here at the house with mom and dad stuck taking care of me. I appreciate the company and it sure helps having someone around in case I have to open a jar or something like that. (I've made substantial progress, but a few things like that still give me fits.) But I also like to think of myself as getting more independent and hopefully pretty soon I'll be ready to take care of myself for an entire weekend.

It is hard to believe that the kids start back to school in just over a week! The summers always seem to fly by and when you spend 43 of those days in the hospital, trust me, it speeds up even more. Things are also about to really ramp up at work. The football team reported to campus today and for the first time in 13 years, I didn't make it by to see them check in. Practice starts on Monday and I will be there to help with the media requests. I'm not sure I've gotten myself back into football shape, yet. I am also worried about cramming all of that work into my half days, but I have lots of people that are happy to help me and I feel so blessed to have such cooperative and understanding bosses and co-workers.

We had another productive week in therapy this past week. We've dropped one day of physical therapy as they seem to think I am making enough progress to do that. But I also have lots of exercises and stretches to work on during the rest of the week. I thought I was finished with homework!

I had three different therapists in occupational therapy this week. It was interesting to see the differences in approaches and exercises. But they all have something in common: they like to make me work! I enjoy that and it is certainly what I need. Each one saw progress and that is so encouraging.

The highlight of the week came on Thursday afternoon. Mom and dad picked me up from work and we went back to Hillcrest Rehab for the first time since I went home on July 1st. I had a chance to see all of the therapists I had worked with during my stay and thank them once again. It was gratifying to see the look on their faces when they saw me and the progress I was making. Everything looked very much the same, everyone was in their same places. It was almost a bittersweet experience having spent so much time there. It was great to catch up with the people in what for a time was our "home away from home." The smiles on their faces, the hugs and kind words meant the world to me. Everyone seemed genuinely pleased to see me. Apparently very few people come back on their own. No one leaves there as a finished product, and I hope it did them good to see how some of their hard work was paying off with me. I am no finished product myself, but I am glad they could see improvement. My physical therapist in Waco, Annissa, was leaving the next day to move back to her native Canada and it was important for me to say goodbye and wish her well before she left. My only regret was that Brenda couldn't go with me because they all asked about her and sent their best. I think seeing their reactions to my visit would have made her feel good, too.

That should just about catch you up on what's been going on since my last post. Thank you for continuing to follow the blog. If there is something you'd like for me to post about, I am open to suggestion. I like to give the people what they want. Thanks again to all of you, take care and God Bless!

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  1. Hi Jon:

    I know you would have loved to be with Brenda and the kids for their last fling of summer. Perhaps next year you'll be going down the big water slide with them!

    Thank you for keep us informed on your progress. I bet it was quite emotional to go back and see your therapists in Waco. I know they appreciated it.

    You asked for would be nice if you could help us understand how you go about your work at the office. I know you can't use both hands efficiently yet, so tell us a little how you go about your duties, i.e. typing, paperwork. Or, even just how you do stuff with one hand right now. It would help by educating us on the daily obstacles you face.

    We continue to pray for you, Brenda, Jacob and Brooke. We hope to get down there at some point.

    God bless.