Friday, July 22, 2011

Another day of firsts

This is Jon, back in the "author's seat". I just wanted to post a quick update, as we close out another busy week. I had PT and OT today, and mom and dad gave me a ride and watched therapy for the first time since we came home.

It was a day of milestones, just one day after I was told I was lucky to be where I am today. I got the okay in PT to move full-time to a single point cane. And was also told that I could walk around the house without use of a cane at all - sometimes! That moves me one stop closer to walking without assistance, something that has been a goal for the last two months and two days. We also spent a lot of time on working on restoring strength to my left leg. And I definitely feel it - during therapy and after! More work means a bit more soreness and fatigue, but it's worth it all.

I also had a full day in OT. We worked on regaining movement and after almost a month of not seeing me in therapy, mom saw significant progress, which is another source of encouragement. I don't always see the progress, since I'm so close to the process. I am looking forward to a chance to rest up over the weekend before facing another busy week next week. And I feel blessed to have that opportunity in light of yesterday's news.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon too. I know I'll be amazed by how much more you can do!! Hopefully, we'll have you guys over again before school starts.


  2. Oh, Jon, I am so excited for you! Of course you don't see the progress as much as your mom and dad do. I'm sure they could see a much improved Jon.

    Keep up the great work, Jon. More and more good things are coming your way.