Friday, July 1, 2011

The Day We Came Home

Day 43, and we finally made our way back home! It was the day we have been looking forward to for so long, and it's great to finally be back home.

It was an emotional morning, as Jon finished therapy on his last day. And they did not take it easy on him. He had a busy day in PT first thing this morning. He walked more without his cane and worked on balance. One thing they want is for Jon to become more steady when standing on surfaces that don't offer the same support as the tile floor he got used to walking on. So if he ends up on grass or in mud, he is learning how to keep his balance. That is another one of those things that sounds easier than it is. I think this is something we will do more of once we begin outpatient therapy.

OT and speech went as usual, and they sent Jon home with some tools that he can use to continue to build strength in his arm.

We finished therapy at noon, and by that time had already signed all of our paperwork to be discharged! So it was a surprise to be able to leave earlier than anticipated (and before lunch, so we could avoid another hospital meal).

Jon was able to say goodbye to each of his therapists, and before he left, they all came by to wish him well. It was an emotional farewell and I know that while they were happy to see him head home, they were sad to see him go. They've all become pretty attached to him and all take pride in the progress he's made. So while we were ready to get out, it was hard to leave the new "family" who adopted him for the last five weeks.

Our foray out of our hospital home was successful, and we had a good lunch in Waco before heading home. We're getting used to being out and about, and while it's not always comfortable, I think it will get easier the more we do it.

I'll let Jon give his account of what it was like for him to come home.

"As we turned the corner to pull up to the house, Jacob, Brooke and my mother and father were standing behind homemade signs they had taped to the fence welcoming me home. They were all waving and beaming, and I have to admit it was another pretty emotional moment. I was not expecting that and didn't even know the kids were home. But I can't imagine a better homecoming than the welcoming party waiting in my front yard.

We ate dinner at home as a family for the first time since May 19 (granted it wasn't a home-cooked meal, but those will come soon!). It was a great feeling to see our life beginning to return to normal. And while there is still plenty of work to be done before the recovery is complete, we have made such great strides already and have a great head start heading into outpatient therapy. Being at home together as a family can only help speed up the process.

And because we have been through so much and have been able to accomplish so much, some of the days seem to run together and it's hard to keep up with all we have done on each day. So I am thankful that we have the blog to keep not only you all posted, but gives us a record that we can look back on. And yes there is video of some of my accomplishments, but I'm fighting the 'release' of that footage for public viewing. But I know Brenda will show it at some point!"

We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home, and spending more time together as we adjust to life on the "outside". We hope everyone has a happy Independence Day, and thank you all again for the well wishes.


  1. I am so glad you are all home. I haven't read the blog in a few days, but I remembered today was the homecoming day. I am so happy for you all. Still praying.
    Christie Bledsoe

  2. Hip Hip Hooray! So glad for all of you and pray for continued success.

    Jon, I know that just because you aren't in the rehab center doesn't mean you won't work will continue to give 100% to get the most out of rehab you can.

    God bless all of you.