Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back Home!!

This time we'll start with the good news, we are back home!!! (if you couldn't tell from the headline).

We got home about 6:30 Wednesday night, and I know that having a good night's sleep in his own bed will make a world of difference.

So here's the scoop (at least for now). They have decided that Jon suffered a series of seizures, which according to the doctors is not too uncommon for people who have suffered a stroke. So they put him on medication to prevent any more seizures. They also did a battery of other tests, another MRI, ECHO and EEG. We're not sure about the results of the EEG, but the MRI and I think the ECHO looked good. They did not see any new bleeding, or any other problems in the brain (as Jon likes to say, they looked in my brain and didn't see anything!). The EEG will show if there are any other abnormal brain waves. It won't show previous seizure activity, but it should show if there are signals that aren't quite right, which will help them with any future treatment.

So while it was absolutely scary and unnerving, I think we are both feeling better knowing that at least for once, they seem to know what to attribute it to, and how to treat it. That's always a good thing. All the docs we saw (and there were a bunch, including one wayward hematologist who accidentally wandered into Jon's room, then realized he was in the wrong room!) were very positive about how he looked, about how the tests looked, and about the progress he's made. So that was reassuring.

We did cancel therapy for the rest of the week and he's going to stay home and rest. I did get a kick out if him asking the doctor when he could go back to work and the doctor looking at me and asking "what do you think." Good to know the docs know who's in charge!! Because it doesn't really matter what the doc says, once I get him home I'm not letting him leave anyway!

We have not seen any regression in his movement, which is what scared him the most. He can continue next week and I have no doubt will have more energy than before. So I think we just hit a minor snag, and after a few days we are back on track and back in action!

We can't thank everyone enough for the support and prayers. Once again, all of you help us. It's always good to know that when things go sour, we have so many people to lean on.

We will try to update again this weekend. Thank you again for being there for us!


  1. Hey Jon:

    You know when there is an earthquake and later there are after-shocks? Just think of this little issue as an after-shock. No've got this covered.

    Good to know they are not finding anything that worries them. Also, your PT and OT will be there when you get back, so no worries.

    Try to get as much rest as you can because I know you, when you get back to work, you'll be going (as Mark likes to say) like a "hell yes!"

    Take care and God bless.


  2. I'm glad you guys are all home. Wanted to call today, but didn't want to wake Jon if he got to sleep some!

    Y'all please call if you need us this weekend.