Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lots of catching up to do ....

Well, I know its been a long time, but I have lots of news, so I will skip in the normal apology for taking so long to jump right in. In the almost two months since I last posted, we've hit several more milestones and had another HUGE scare. Let's start with the good news.

In early July, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of returning home ... returning to work ... and starting outpatient therapy. It still seems hard to believe that it has been that long and in many ways, I've almost forgotten what it was like before we came home and returned to work.

Occupational therapy has been going well, I returned today after a two-week break for vacations (mine and the therapist's). I don't think I missed much of a beat, although it was tougher because of the soreness, but more on that in a bit. We continue to work on strengthening my shoulder and improving movement in the wrist and hand. I also had another round of botox, but have not noticed as much of an effect from this series of shots. We continue to be hopeful for more gains and celebrate every sign of improvement, no matter how small.

I officially graduated from physical therapy in July and now its up to me to continue to work and improve on my own. I haven't officially been discharged and could return if needed, but we won't schedule any more appointments unless something major happens. So I consider that very positive and keep pushing myself to work out and improve strength and move back to a more natural walk.

That takes us to the big scare. On Sunday, after church and the grocery store, Brenda took the kids swimming while I went to the office to knock out some work and get in a workout on the elliptical machine. That all went well, although I noticed I was particularly tired after working out. So instead of going back to my office, I just jumped in the car to head home. I stopped to get a drink at Sonic and was about halfway home when I noticed an issue with my legs. I could not take my foot off the accelerator and kept gaining speed. It became pretty clear that I was not going to be able to make my turn and could not stop at the light at the upcoming intersection. I was able to avoid the cars stopped in front of me and kept honking the horn to warn the people in the intersection. I could not avoid everyone, that one being one of my co-workers turning through the intersection. I spun through the intersection and jumped the curb, ending up in the ditch facing back in the direction I had been coming from in the first place. It could have been devastating for both of us, but fortunately, we were both able to walk away. I am sure that I will get a citation and won't be able to drive again for some time, but I am so thankful not to have hurt anyone and been able to walk away. I spent about two hours in the emergency room, and am extremely sore in the my right side and lower back. But that's it other than a few bruises and cuts.

As we look back on the accident, there is no question that God was watching over me and saved us all. There are too many things that had to happen just right for us to have the outcome we did. Everything from the light changing when it did, to the two of us driving through that intersection at the exact same time, to Jacob deciding to go swimming instead of working out with me, to my car not flipping when I hit the curb ... and the list goes on and on. We have said so many prayers of thanks and I am so blessed to have had it turn out this way.

The accident also shook me out of my complacency and reminded me not to take anything for granted. I think I had almost forgotten what I've been through and that the potential still remains for setbacks along the way. Not being able to drive also puts much more of a burden on Brenda with the kids so involved and becoming even more active as school starts. We can overcome those challenges though, the same way we've overcome some of the others in the past year. And we have so much support and help from co-workers, friends and family that we are continually overwhelmed and humbled.

Brenda continues to do well and stay busy. She is a rock for me and such a source of strength. The kids are also both doing well as we prepare for life with two middle-schoolers for the first time. Somehow, Brooke is in sixth grade this year with Jacob on the verge of high school as he moves to eighth grade. I am so thankful to still be around to watch them grow and mature and we are so proud of the people they are growing up to be. All three of them (Brenda, Jacob and Brooke) are constant reminders of how my life has been blessed.

So ... that's what has been happening in our lives. Hopefully you are all doing well and thanks to each of you for your continued support!

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  1. Dear Jon:

    Oh my! Where do I start. First of all, God was in control of everything. Like you said, you have been blessed and will continue to be. He has plans for you, my friend.

    I can't believe Jacob will be in 8th grade and Brooke in 6th. When did I get so old? Funny thing, that, because my mind is still as young and silly as ever.....guess that never changes, or at least I hope it never does.

    I am glad that you have graduated from physical therapy. It does put you in the position of "use it or lose it." I am proud that you have the use of the equipment at school. Such a wonderful perk, no?

    May God continue to richly bless you, Brenda and the kids. I pray for all of you daily and I will continue to do so.