Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering Another Milestone

So ... this is Jon back with you. Hope you all have a good Memorial Day and we certainly appreciate the service people have given to our armed forces. With one brother-in-law in the army and another in the navy, we see first-hand the daily sacrifices our service men and women make. And it also makes us appreciate our freedoms that much more and so thankful to those who've given so much to make it possible.

We are relaxing today after a pretty busy weekend. Saturday marked the one-year commemoration of my first full day at Hillcrest Rehabilitation. At that point, I still couldn't sit up by myself, stand on my own, move anything on my left side or dress myself. In fact, that day, I feel in the bathroom and had to have Brenda, a therapist, an aide and a nurse help me up. That may have been one of the most helpless and humiliating moments of my life. But within three weeks, I would be taking steps on my own and making slow, steady progress. We celebrated the one-year mark of that day by picking up and moving in new bedroom furniture for Jacob's room. I didn't do much lifting, but I was able to help and I am so thankful and blessed to have made that kind of improvement. Honestly, at this time last year, there was doubt that I would ever walk again, much less be able to take a mattress out of my son's room!

I don't have much else to add, but I had some free time this morning and thought I would share a little. Progress continues in both therapies. My physical therapist was impressed after a nearly month-long absence due to her illness and scheduling conflicts. Occupational therapy is also going well, with things getting a little easier and the addition of some new exercises to work on at home. Thanks so much to everyone! We'll be back soon.


  1. Hi Jon:

    We were on vacation last week so I didn't see your post. Thought I would check it today and was surprised to see you updated.

    When we say "glad it isn't last year at this time," we can be grateful for the strength we have gained. I know God has blessed me in giving me the strength I need each day to keep moving. Look what you have accomplished!

    I worked out today....first time in 2 weeks. Ugh! It seemed so hard! However, I am grateful that I got through it--it will help me to have more energy. Fibromyalgia zaps your energy so the exercise counteracts that--as long as I don't do too much.

    Keep up the good work John. I know you thank God every day for the progress you have made. I thank God for you in my prayers each day and pray for Brenda and the kids as well.


  2. p.s. I can't believe I spelled your name wrong in my post. Bad, baaaad, Ellen.