Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seven Down and still going

Several things are very hard to believe. One, that its been one month since our last post and I'm very sorry for the long delay. And two, that it has been exactly seven months today since we started on our little adventure. It certainly doesn't seem like its been so long. The time has flown by in many ways, and in some others, May 20th seems like an entire lifetime ago. This is Jon back with you by the way.

Things continue to progress. I have been driving for more than a month now and very much enjoy the freedom. I am feeling more comfortable behind the wheel and the kids have been riding with me this week and don't seem too scared to ride with me. So, I consider that a victory. I am still working hard in therapy and we see slow but steady progress in some areas. The arm won't come back nearly as quickly as we hope for, but I've been working on picking up small blocks and dropping them into a bucket. After going so long with no use of the fingers on my left hand, we have been thrilled to see that. I am also regaining strength in and use of my shoulder and can lift and place and hold it in positions I wouldn't have dreamed of a couple of months ago. My balance is also improving and we have done some light jogging in physical therapy. I've lost a couple of steps, but I am very encouraged by how that therapy is going as well.

Insurance wouldn't cover the botox injections in my arm, so that treatment is on hold for the time being as the doctor's office and insurance company fight it out. I was hoping to have some progress, or at least a good story to tell about that, but we will just have to wait a little longer.

The UMHB football team advanced to the national quarterfinals and played three home playoff games and now basketball is in full swing. I made it through the fall with few problems and hopefully did a fairly good job at work, so I am very encouraged by that, too.

We are very much looking forward to Christmas and spending time with the extended family. Thanksgiving was also wonderful. I don't want to sound hokey or cheesy, but I think each holiday has more meaning to each of us this year. I guess that also includes the 20th of each month now. I won't say we celebrate those days, but they are a milestone and take us another day closer to the goal of a full recovery and a return to the "old" normal life.

I've been asked a bunch of times for hints as to what I want for Christmas. I don't have any because I truly feel like I've been given so many gifts already this year. It is time for me to give back instead. So I say thanks again for all of the continued prayers, support and encouragement. Probably won't get you each a gift, but I do hope you know how grateful I am. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (By the way, January 1st will be another milestone for us, too. It will be six months to the day that I came home from the rehab hospital. That doesn't seem possible, either!) Bye for now. This is the part where I say we will try to update more often, and that is probably hard for you to believe. Maybe we can make it one of our New Year's resolutions.

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  1. Dear Jon:

    I wonder how many times God has heard your name mentioned in prayer? So many prayers from so many people. Isn't that wonderful?

    Hearing about your improvement is a treat, and driving--well now,that's impressive!

    Grin for the day: I have a funny story (funny to others,not me) about driving. Now, I've been driving longer than I care to mention so I think I am experienced enough. We traded in my Mercury Grand Marquis for a Ford Explorer Ltd. The Merc was a sound car mechanically and, thankfully, we never had a problem with it, but getting in and out of it became just a bit of an issue for our aging bodies. It's nice to have a vehicle that you can just open the door and slide right out!!

    Anyway, my car was about two weeks old and needed a wash. So into the self-serviced car wash we went. Now, as I was saying before, I am a terrific driver (Rainman) and I KNOW how to drive into a carwash bay. WRONG! I drove in slowly, slowly, waiting for it to say "stop" but it didn't....it told me to back up; so I did and I tried to inch it over to the left some and tried again....slowly, slowly..."back up." Now I am getting frustrated and having Mark with me didn't help because he was telling me I'm going too fast. So, I backed up and tried it again ever so slowly we went up the little incline waiting for it to say "stop" and we went right over it. I was going to pull out and Mark is telling me I missed the button or whatever you call it that we roll over to make the light turn red to stop and that I wasn't over far enough. So I pulled forward more to the left and hit the bar thingy where the water/soap comes out and moves around your car. Now I am in a panic and Mark is saying (well, you don't want to know) and what am I to do? I had to either move forward or backward...so I backed up and it didn't sound pleasant! I pulled forward again and finally, FINALLY, hit the switch and the light turned red for me to stop. I was a basket case wondering if I dented the car. After the wash I drove out, got out and looked for the damage. The bar I hit was mostly rubber so there is only a transfer of paint or something on my left front bumper. If cars had real chrome bumpers like they used to there wouldn't have been any damage at all. Anyway, it can be buffed out with compound and it is fine....no dents.

    I tell you this because you know me...you know Mark...and you can imagine the goings on in that car. After all of this he says to me, "You know,this car is narrower than the Mercury and so your perception of where the wheels are might be a little different." You think? Thanks for telling me AFTER all of this.
    So, I haven't taken it in another carwash....Mark has and he had no problem. Oh well.

    Hope this made you smile. Smile and be joyful this Christmas, Jon. Enjoy your family...I know your household will be filled with laughter, love, and much, much gratitude.

    God bless,