Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Checking In

Had some very rare down time on a Friday night, so I thought I would fill everyone in. This is Jon writing tonight as I guess I've kind of taken over. I will try to get Brenda to come back soon, just for a different perspective.

We saw the physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor again on Tuesday. It was our first appointment with him in three months. He seemed very encouraged by my progress, and I was very encouraged that he could see substantial progress. And then, he prescribed my next step in treatment. BOTOX! No, he doesn't want me to look younger or make my laugh lines disappear. Instead, I will get two injections of Botox in my arm next week. The idea is that it will help relax the muscles in my bicep and forearm and allow me to straighten my left arm more easily and turn my wrist over. Those muscles want to contract instead of relaxing when I try to make certain movements. First time I've ever been accused of having too much strength in my bicep. So, we will see how that goes. I'll be sure to let you know. One thing is certain, my intense dislike of needles is only growing through this experience. Immersion therapy to get me over that is NOT working.

It was another positive week of therapy, no real breakthroughs, but some steady and noticeable progress. As long as that continues, we will be happy. I am pretty sure we are past the point of major breakthroughs, but hopefully that is a testament to the progress we've made.

We officially make the move to a lighter therapy schedule next week. Down to twice a week for occupational therapy and just once a week for physical therapy. There will be a greater emphasis (and in my mind, perhaps a greater challenge) on exercising and working at home. For those of you familiar with my study habits and lack of discipline from my younger days know what a challenge that will be. I do hope that my motivation is a little higher this go around. (Sorry Mom and Dad, you got your money's worth from college, I promise.)

Jacob's first football season ended on Monday. They finished with a winning record and he really seemed to enjoy it. Brooke's fall soccer season is winding down with a chance to still go to the playoffs and she's is also enjoying it. I've enjoyed having more time to watch and share in those experiences with them.

UMHB will play its final regular season home football game this Saturday before what we hope will be a long playoff run. Some of the other fall sports are wrapping up and it is almost time to transition to basketball. So things continue to go well at work. I continue with a shortened schedule and will probably wait a little longer to push for full days again. Fatigue still sets in faster than I would like to admit and shorter days will also give me more of a chance to get some of that exercising and homework in. I consider myself blessed to work with such cooperative and supportive people who graciously allow me to work that type of schedule.

That should just about catch you up on the latest with us. Hope you are all doing well and we appreciate so much your continued prayers and support!

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  1. Yeah, you could look any younger! :)

    They have come so far in medicine, Jon. I am sure this will help you relax those muscles so you can work them like you need to.

    Speaking of how far medicine has come, Mark underwent another surgery with a miraculous outcome. Years ago, I guess folks just lost a limb when arteries blocked up and blood flow was restricted. His vascular surgeon worked wonders and now blood flows readily through his right leg.

    My point is that every day new therapies and surgeries are founded and folks like us benefit from them.

    I know you are proud of your kids. How wonderful it is that you are able to spend more time with them. They will remember having daddy around and it will make a difference.

    Keep us posted....let us know how the Botox works.

    Love, and prayers as always,